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Industrial Nitrogen
Industrial Nitrogen
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TAN series PSA nitrogen generator machine adapt to high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorption, according to PSA theorem, making up the nitrogen direct from air.


Under the pressure of certain, because of kinetic effect, oxygen and nitrogen have a big difference of diffusion velocity on carbon molecular sieve. In short time, oxygen molecules are adsorbed largely by a sieve adsorption, nitrogen molecules concentrate in gas phase, and than getting oxygen and nitrogen separated. Because carbon molecular sieve to the oxygensadsorption capacity is based on the different pressure.Reducing the pressure can desorption of oxygen molecules which are on carbon molecular sieveso that carbon molecular sieve can regeneratedproducing high-quality nitrogen successively.


*Perfect process design, optimaluse of results

*Reasonable internal structures, uniform flow distribution, reduce the airflow high-speed

*Unique molecular sieve protection measures, to extend the life of molecular sieve

*Simple operation, running stability, high autoimmunization, can running without people.

*Nitrogen emptying automatic interlock devices, to ensure product quality and nitrogen.

*Chose nitrogen installation flow, automatic control system of purity, remote monitoring systems and so on.


Nitrogen flow:5-2500Nm3/h

Nitrogen purity:95-99.9995%

Nitrogen pressure:0-0.7MPa

Dew point:-40 Degrees Celsius(Atmospheric pressure)